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It’s An Infinite Cycle Interviews… 810


For week #2 of the October interviews, I had a chance to speak with Baltimore’s 810 just before he was ready to release Glass Half Full. That mixtape will be coming November 12, but an EP entitled I Hate OPBs will be here one week from today (October 20th).

How did you come up with a name like 810?

It’s my birthdate, August 10, 1989, Most people think its the area code of some place or something.

What can someone expect to hear out of an 810 track?
Personality, hunger, charisma, and creativity.

Can you recall a critical moment in your growth as a rapper where you really elevated to a new level?

When I started working on Supply And Demand, I know I wanted to make music that was more organized and polished. I researched song formats and I felt like if I found the right beats, it would just happen. That is when I feel like I learned how to make songs.

Who are your influences musically?

Nas, Jay, Lupe, Ye, Pac, T.I., AZ, and SWV.

Baltimore has been on the come up in hip hop recently, so how do you think you are contributing to that scene?

I just represent, I love my city, I feel like we need to do more to build up the scene.

What is it about Mydus’ production that keeps you going back to him?

His beats are retarded, he really has the hot hand, but there are a few other producers I have on deck; we just gotta get the right

You and The Black Sunn seem to have a connection like you two are brothers. Describe your relationship with him.

We’ve known each other since the 7th grade. Been rappin for about that same amount of time too, for the most part we’ve honed our skills and grew up together. I think we both motivate each other a lot.

Out of all the songs you made, which one would completely explain your personality and style?

There’s a song on this tape called “Glass Half Full”. When I wrote the song, I though it was gonna fly over people’s heads. But the song explains the glass half full idea.

I’m assuming that your upcoming Glass Half Full mixtape will be based around positive themes, but in your words, what is the meaning of the title?

I feel like the title is me. The tape is about not giving up on what you want outta life despite of a lot of opposition from things you have little to no control over. I took me a while to come up with a name for it, I wanted to get a lot of things off my chest & bring yall into people into my world.

How will Glass Half Full be different from your last mixtape, Supply and Demand?

More personal and more real. It caters to people like me.

What are you plans in 2010?

Continue on the path that I’m on, more work, making more moves and whatever I need to do.

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