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It’s An Infinite Cycle Interviews… Michael Clemente of Universety Clothing

Back in 2008, a young dreamer by the name of Michael Clemente turned words into action by creating his very own clothing line. I wanted to get a small interview with Michael to get a peek into his mind and figure out what he’s trying to do with Universety.

What does Universety clothing represent?

“U”! You the individual. It represents everything you’ve dreamed. A place where you can be “U”, Where everything is about you. Universety is a diverse movement that welcomes all pledges. Pledge The U.

What influenced you to create your own clothing line?

Good one. I remember those Saturday’s going to New York to spots like Bape, BBC, and Stussy. I would think, I want this. I want kids taking the path train to my store. Taking buses to my spot. Asking parents for rides to come see what the store is about. I hope to accomplish that one day.

You recently collaborated with New Jersey producer Thelonious Martin on a shirt. How did that come up and what was the inspiration for the shirt’s design?

Well, damn. Thelonious is one talented producer. Shoutouts by the way. Well we always knew each other for a while. I was peeping his beats one day and I was like, “Yo let’s do a collab”. He knew about my line, it was up and coming, so he was like yea let’s do it. The design itself, I came up with. His website at the time was Thelonious Thoughts, if you seen the shirt you would see what I mean.

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