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Featured Artist/Group: Proton/Future Mixtape Info

The Formula: One artist from Chicago (Kamikazbi) and another from Atlanta (Larry)


Take two MCs raised on a diet of golden era hip-hop, a craft forged during the outbreak and subsequent takeover by glitz and glamour types, give them a soundscape that ghetto girls and frat boys can bounce to and you’ve got Proton. They are based in Atlanta and they represent one of the best examples of having a multi-genre background.


A special mixtape by the name of “Red and Purple, Vol. 1” will be released on October 8th, 2008 presented by Proton. It will focus on female talent aka “something that music can’t have enough of”. Red and Purple will be available here for FREE.

Jessica Tonder – The Bee (Remix) ft. Proton

Proton – myspace.com/proton2

Proton’s Official Website

Proton’s Ning

Jessica Tonder – myspace.com/jessicatonder


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