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It’s An Infinite Cycle Interviews… Rich Hil


The last interview of October comes from Rich Hil, a young artists with dreams of making it big on his own. This interview was the most casual out of the four, but a few important things were expressed through it.

Describe Rich Hil’s first encounter with Hip Hop.

Middle school.. I gotta dj set I was 12 yrs old.. and i started writing raps over all the instrumentals

Which instrumentals were your favorite?

Shit…. then it was Nas/Bravehearts, Fabolous, B.I.G. … Memphis Bleek beats anything I got my hands on at the time

What was your family and friends’ reaction when they discovered you wanted to go into music?

Supportive I guess.. lol who knows what they said behind my back

I know a few people have doubts about your music and they tend to say things like, “Rich people don’t have problems.” What do you have to say about comments like those?

They can say what they want… I don’t make music for them

meaning they don’t know my pain.. they don’t have to

ill still sing about it

In many of your mixtapes, limos seem to be a common theme. What’s the fascination of limos about?

Living is musically outrageous… l.i.m.o.s

limos are from the 90s so am I

i compare myself to a limo in everything i do

You are signed to Swizz Beatz’s Full Surface label. How did you first come in contact with Swizz Beatz?

Swizz is my big brother I’m not signed to full surface I’m signed to Famous Firm / Limos

Nice to clear that up. Since you seem to have a close relationship with Swizz, is there a possibility that you’ll make a guest appearance on his new album?

I don’t think so.. unless he asks me to

Do you have any specific “rituals” you participate in to get yourself in the mood to create music?

I smoke weed

that’s about it

sometimes we go to the otherside

What’s the other side?

Listen to the songs… I speak about it frequently if you pay attention

I heard you were a little upset about a song of yours leaking featuring Kid Cudi. How did that partnership come about?

We did like 5 or 6 records together…. “Girls, Sounds and Colors” was my least favorite… I don’t know who put it out.

Is there any chance we’ll hear those songs in the future? Maybe on your album?

Yeah maybe so

It’s known that you did a few songs with Andy Milonakis. How is the studio experience with a person like him?

That motherfucker is funny…. he’s the homie.

Do you plan to release an album anytime soon?

Yeah I’m hoping to

I have a like 5 done already

What are the chances of having a 2010 release?

Maybe next fall.

Out of all of your projects, which one means the most to you?

The Lost Limos III

What makes that project stand out from others?

How I felt during the 5 days of recording

depressed but at the same time refreshed

So The Lost Limos III was your therapy?

All my music is my therapy… but I got a lot off my chest on that one yeah.

It’s been said that you live the hippie lifestyle, but what makes that different from being a hipster?

Hipsters are clean and they worry about every detail I wear dirty shit a lot of the time … we don’t give a fuck .. hipsters color coordinate still.. that shit is pie

the lifestyle is a constant drug intake … little sleep… lotta love

What things make your music different from anyone else’s?

I’m being myself

I even sing about shit I’m embarrassed about

like how I’m a sucker for love and I’m lonely


they don’t use it

I do

So honesty is the best policy?

Of course, but also understanding how to tell the difference between ones hardships and happiness… you gotta sing about both

What message are you trying to get across with your music?

The realness in the mind of a depressed teenager

we are the new day hippies

This is the end of the interview and thanks for talking with It’s An Infinite Cycle. Any last things you want to get off your chest or let people know?

Ummm im finally single girls get at me


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