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It’s An Infinite Cycle Interviews… Kid Hum


On a random and late July night, I was on the computer putting songs on my iPod. I randomly get a message on Twitter from Kid Hum saying that he wanted to be interviewed out of nowhere. At this point, I’m confused because we never talked about me interviewing him prior to that. Ten minutes after I got the request, I have my questions ready and the interview lasted for about an hour. Unfortunately, only 10% of the actual interview is at the bottom because this was a wild conversation.

How did Kid Hum come to exist as a producer?

I bought an MPC because I wanted to try and sample old records, really badly
and be like Madlib.

So I can assume he’s one of your influences?

One. Of course I have many. Phil @ his blog w/ his interviews with DITC really inspired me too. Soulmans world of beats,  http://www.mhat.com/worldofbeats/ . Please plug that, its old school internet shit.

You are known by a lot of people as Kid Hum, but can you tell us who DJ Dylon is?

He mixes good hip hop for the masses. I used to have an ear for rap. The definition is in the playlists, and I have left them behind since 2005. I love rap, and my man Lazy Eyez told me back in ’04 “mix the newest hip hop, before it comes out”. Basementalism Radio DJ Crew.

What makes Kid Hum different from other beatmakers?

Damn thats a difficult question.

We got time bro…

I don’t think Kid Hum wants to be different. It might not be important but for three years I made bootleg tapes of Basementalism and wrote down playlists and bumped them all week in my Camry tape deck but it might not mean anything, but here i am hahaha. I still have like 300 bootleg cassette tape radio rips in my closet.

Offshore Drilling can be considered a “breakthrough, underground” success for you and possibly on a larger scale for Colorado. Since it was featured on Frostclick, it has reached over 50,000 downloads to date. What did that mean for you?

The rappers on Offshore Drilling made it happen so they all need to be highly praised because they are dope, and Khal is dope for hitting them up. Couldn’t of done any of that without Khal over at RocktheDub.Com .

If you could make a beat for anyone, who would it be and why?

Working with FOE, SUNK, WHYGEE, KARMA , DECA, etc… is enough for me if I can work with them Colorado folks is alright, in fact more than alright, they are that next shit.

So you have your own little circle you prefer to work with?

I’d like to get $$ from strangers and ride with homie$$$.


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