Wiz Khalifa and Yelawolf Live In Atlanta

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wiz Khalifa and Yelawolf performed with special guests Pill, Prynce, and Wale in Atlanta at the CW Loft on April 8th, 2010.

Shot By Ben Styles


K. Sparks – Abstract Jazz (Video)

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Here is the video for my song “Abstract Jazz” produced by the homie DJ Bobby Bob…this song will be on our album entitled Positive Over Negative slated to be released next month.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Clif Soulo – Feel It In The Air

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This is another joint that i decided to leave off the mixtape. I really like this one because It was one of the joints where i was really talking about something, but the more i listened to it, especially mixed in with the other joints, the more i realized that this woulda been like you in the club, having fun and shit, then they stop the music outta nowhere, hit you with some heavy shit, then turn “Say ahh” back on and act like everything is all good. lol. So to save ya’ll from that #awkwardmoment, here it is. Lemme know what you think if you check it out.

Clif Soulo – Feel It In The Air

+: Clif Soulo –┬áSo Hiiigh (Friday)


97th Mixtape Feature: J. Bizness and Trek Life

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This EP is the culmination of 5+ years of chemistry between the West Covina, CA MC Trek Life and up & coming producer J. Bizness from Ontario, CA. The music contained within is a combination of raw West Coast edge with classic Hip-Hop soul.

Download link after the jump

J. Bizness, in collaboration with FWMJ/Rappers I Know, also has created an EP series featuring artists over his production. The first in the series showcases Richard Wright over Bizness’ production.

First off, we welcome you all to the 3P Series. The term “3P” is a play on the term “EP” which stands for “extended play”. An EP is generally 6-8 total tracks and is usually just a sample of what is to come from a particular artist. For promotional purposes, it was decided that 3 tracks were just enough to solicit a positive response from the audience and hopefully keep them interested in future releases from the particular artists.

Also available after the jump

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Wordspit x McDonalds x Dollar Van Demos

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In a previous post, I wrote about Joya Bravo, Wordspit and their commercials with McDonalds and Dollar Van Demos, but that was only the behind-the-scenes video. There’s a chance that you may have seen Joya Bravo’s spot in the last couple of months and now it’s Wordspit’s turn for national exposure.

+: See Wordspit’s interview with Planet Ill after the jump

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96th Mixtape Feature: T. Shirt

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There’s nothing better than making something with your friends. Sometimes, I just gotta forget about the outside world listening in and remember who I really made this for first and foremost. When I’ve rapped for myself in the past I never got the kind of response I wanted.. it’s only when I rap for us.. when I take how I feel, what Darvin goes through, Dred, how Ronin’s felt, my brothers.. I’m just trying to tell our story.. and I’m just trying to get it right.. inspire us. I think J Cole said it best, “My story ain’t the only one I’m trying to tell” – that shit just rang so true to me. We are the tan-face children. We are the pioneers. Maybe you have to know all of us to understand.. maybe it gives you a familiar feeling.

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It’s An Infinite Cycle Interviews… Michael Clemente of Universety Clothing

April 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Back in 2008, a young dreamer by the name of Michael Clemente turned words into action by creating his very own clothing line. I wanted to get a small interview with Michael to get a peek into his mind and figure out what he’s trying to do with Universety.

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