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83rd Mixtape Feature: Various Artists

Hip hop blog YNotMyDream has just put out Beneath The Surface, a mixtape featuring a few artists that appear on this blog regularly and new ones you may have not heard of. This is also YNotMyDream’s first mixtape released through the site. Beneath The Surface is a great compilation to play around the house or while you’re in a car.

Tracklist x Download Link after the jump

1. Drekidd – Black Out (Prod. Johnny Cash)
2. BK Cyph – Drawin’ The Line Freestyle
3. QuEST & Donny Goines – Let The Rain Fall (Remix) (Prod. Numonics)
4. PHZ-Sicks – Yerrdig! (Prod. Black Milk)
5. The Kid Daytona – Black Superhero (Prod. 6th Sense)
6. El Prez – Flo Jackson (Prod. Vision)
7. Thr33zy Mcfly – Gone In 60 Seconds
8. D.Julien – Ventilation (Prod. Buzz)
9. Mike Dreams Feat. Christina Fisher – We Going Worldwide
10. Volition – Check The Style (Prod. Thelonious)
11. K. Sparks Feat. The MAD Poet – Smooth Thoughts
12. Love Jones a.k.a. Mike Schpitz – Same Song (Prod. Lord Quest)
13. Brown Bag Allstars – Brooklyn Queens Expressway (Prod. Marink)
14. Cymarshall Law – Officer Ricky Freestyle
15. West Restless Feat. Skipp Whitman, & Lo Tec – The Race
16. Anton Genius – Not An Amateur
17. J. Lately – Supposed To Be (Prod. Jansport J)
18. Add-2 Feat. Franco De Leon – How Can I
19. The ILLZ – Faded
20. XV – Written In The Stars (Prod. Charlie Hilton)

Download: Beneath The Surface

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