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K. Sparks – 10 Minutes


Here it is…the final song of my Manic Mondays series…this song is called 10 minutes because it last for 10 Minutes and is essentially a mini movie of various events that happen to myself and my engineer Big Drew in our attempt to make it to the studio within 10 Minutes…but even doper is that I challenged myself to name most of the 52 songs in order that were in my series…if you listen closely you can peep it…time passed crazy with this series…I wanna thank every website, blog, DJ, and fan that continues to support my music…during the process of Manic Mondays I’ve recorded a massive amount of music so I still have 248 songs that haven’t been released…I’ll still be releasing new records and Albums in the process of working on my next project that is being sponsored by the fam at DJ Booth, 2 DopeBoyz, and KevinNottingham…

I don’t even know what to do with my Mondays anymore, but this is a fitting end to what I think was a successful run. “10 Minutes” includes four songs strung into a “mini-movie” with production from three frequent collaborators. I’m just excited to see what K. Sparks has in store for everyone now that Manic Mondays is finished.

K. Sparks – 10 Minutes (Week #52)

Download Week #1 – Week #52’s songs here (ZIP)


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