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Shawn Chrystopher’s “A Cappella Sessions” Episode #1

A Cappella Sessions #1

Shawn Chrystopher spits the first single off his debut album “A City With No Seasons”

Here’s Shawn’s explanation of the A Cappella Sessions via his blog (http://honourrolestudent.com/blog):

“If you’re in a room full of silent people and one person is yelling, he or she will automatically be the focal point. However, if everyone in the room is yelling, the one person who sits in silence will get all the attention.

I am starting a series entitled ‘A Cappella Sessions” for just that reason; everyone is leaking songs everyday, trying to yell over one another. I’ve taken songs from my album, stripped the beat from a select few and will perform them for everyone A Cappella.

A Plus Filmz came through in the clutch and perfectly conveyed my exact emotions and feeling through the lens. I want people to hear these words I spent hours creating; I want people to realize that success isn’t some fabrication but it comes from hard work and paying attention to every little detail.”

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