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5th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival


I found out about BK Hip Hop Festival on the actual day it happened and it turns out I had a few friends there. First, Wordspit has a one-man cypher by a Metro PCS booth.


A few days after, I found out that Junclassic happened to stop by and see what was going on. He’s posted his experience at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival over at KevinNottingham.com.

It started at 12 but a Brother ain’t get there until 3:15 pm. There was mad police and mud EVERYWHERE! Gray skies and a slow, steady drizzle ain’t what many would consider “hip-hop,” but as I got to the tent I was BUGGIN off the amount of people!

Read more @ Kevin Nottingham

+: Check out a recent interview Junclassic did with Flawless Hustle, Good looks on the shout out too.

Last, but not least, Phalary (The Rap Radar Intern) left the RR Mansion to visit the festival and she “live-tweeted” the whole event for the people who weren’t able to go. It won’t make too much sense to post those tweets, so you might as well follow her (@phalary42/@RRInternPhalary) so you can be on top of any future shows, events or info that comes up.

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