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K. Sparks – Temperature ft. Julius Francis


“Temperature” is a part of what I think is a 52-week buzz program in which K. Sparks releases a song for each Monday and so far, I’ve missed 39 weeks. I have never heard of him, but according to Es, he has a song with Kid Cudi. Whatever the circumstances are, it’s never too late to get put on to good music.

Myself and my fam T-Mos and Julius came together to make this joint happen…when T-Mos sent me the beat it had a dope vibe to it so I was aiming to make sumthin that was catchy but still has a feel good vibe…when it comes to production T-Mos has alotta bangers man…I think cats sleep on him but he’s def got alotta heat in his arsenal…it’s really a radio record…props to everyone who supports.

-K. Sparks

K. Sparks – Temperature ft. Julius Francis (Week #40)

+: Download K. Sparks’ new mixtape, Soul Child, after the jump



Download: Soul Child

  1. Es
    June 4, 2009 at 8:52 AM

    we’ve missed 39 weeks-damn! lmao!

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