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46th Mixtape Feature: Wordsmith


Although Wordsmith and Chubb Rock‘s Bridging The Gap doesn’t come out until June 16th, consider this a prelude to one of the notable albums coming out in the summer. A Crack In The Bridge does not contain any features by Chubb Rock, but Kimia Collins, Articulate, Nu Revolution Camp and a few more fill the void.

+: Wordsmith – The New Street Kings ft. Articulate and Black Knight

++: Wordsmith and Chubb Rock- Old 2 The New (Video)

Tracklist x Download Link after the jump

1.) Back In ft. Kimia Collins
2.) Our Luv
3.) Conversation With My Soulmate
4.) I’m Here Now ft. Kontact and Black Knight
5.) Another Party Joint
6.) The New Street Kings ft. Articulate and Black Knight
7.) Top Of The World ft. Nu Revolution Camp
8.) Music For The Millennium ft. Soulstice
9.) Virtual Relaxation ft. Kontact and Black Knight
10.) Letters Through Time ft. Kontact and Black Knight
11.) Bridging The Gap (Snippet)

Download: A Crack In The Bridge

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