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39th Mixtape Feature: Cyrano


me·dic·i·nal: A preparation or product having the properties of a medicine.
li·ba·tion: The pouring of a liquid offering as a religious ritual.

I guess it’s safe to say that you don’t see many Madlib tributes floating around the internet (yet), but Madicinal Libationz will set the standard for all future attempts. I can reassure you that a great effort has been put forth to honor this Southern Californian beatsmith by the one and only Cyrano. This is most definitely NOT a mediocre attempt at a Madlib tribute, so go ahead and download the mixtape for your sake.

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Tracklist x Download Link after the jump

01. Pacification (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
02. Mongrels (Produced By Quasimoto)
03. Da Boom (Produced By Quasimoto)
04. Delusions Of Slander (feat. Naturel) (Produced By Madlib)
05. SONAR (Produced By Madlib)
06. Forcefeel (feat. SiLent Knight) (Produced By Madlib)
07. Madagascar (Produced By Quasimoto)
08. How You Feel (feat. Access Immortal) (Produced By Quasimoto)
09. Montego Bay (feat. Ill Poetic) (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
10. O.K. Corral (Produced By Madlib)
11. P.A.T.O.I.S. (feat. Wordsmith & Junclassic) (Produced By Madlib)
12. Red Bird (Produced By Madlib)
13. Vowel Movements (Produced By Madlib)
14. Wrapsure (Produced By Madlib)
15. Goin’ Back To El Segundo (feat. Dominque Larue) (Produced By Madlib)
16. A Hard Drive (Produced By Madlib)
17. Aftershox (feat. Zero Star) (Produced By Madlib & Mamao)
18. Bing Chaireez (feat. Junclassic) (Produced By Madlib)
19. Bolsheviks (Produced By Jaylib)
20. C.Y.I.D.I.T.C. (Produced By Quasimoto)

Download: Madicinal Libationz

  1. April 28, 2009 at 2:10 PM

    MY APOLOGIES TO ALL WHO TRIED UNSUCCESSFULLY TO DOWNLOAD THIS DOPE MIXTAPE…WE HAVE A PERMANENT HOME FOR IT OVER ON PLANETURBAN: http://www.planeturban.com.au/download_mixtapes/dub_md_and_cyrano_present_madicinal_libationz



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