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Since III X MMVIII (Part Two)

I see D. I has already started blogging. Let’s see if the others will keep their word…

I’ll give you the extremely shortened version of how this blog was started:

– My friends and I always think about these crazy schemes. I said, “Having a website would make us a little more legit.”

– 2 days before I said that, I found out about WordPress. I told my friends that having a blog would be the cheapest way to have a website.

– I made this blog to show them how easy it was. Within a week, I started using it as my own.

– I posted anything I liked and it barely had any structure to it.

– I started getting a few breaks here and there… now I’m here.

There is a lot music on here (along with a few of my teenage ramblings) and I think I’m doing my part by not showcasing the usual artists on blogs, but keep in mind there’s room for everyone.

You Didn’t Know: This blog was formerly named “Late Nights”. In IAIC’s beginning stages, I used to update this site late at night. There was no specific reason for this, except the fact that I stayed up a lot longer back then.

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