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Since III X MMVIII (Part Three)

Like I promised, I’ll share some of my stories.

A-Plus/Opio (Souls of Mischief)

On January 10, I went to an SOM show where I live and that’s where I first met Phalary (see her post here). There was a break in between performances and I walked over to the SOM merch table. I gave a fist bump to the guy behind the table. I barely noticed his face then, but I fist bumped A-Plus. By the time I see Souls of Mischief perform, I realize it was him. I felt a little dumb, but it was ok.

After the show, Opio comes off the stage and starts shaking everyone’s hand. I secretly thought about getting Phalary a video shout out, but my nerves got the best of me.


Miss Info

There’s not much to say, but I had a story about Soulja Boy being robbed and she used my link. See…not much.


The highlighted link is mine.

Tony Williams (G.O.O.D. Music)

A few months ago, I started to help Tony Williams promote his upcoming album and I thought this was pretty cool of him.


Yes, that’s my name. “Cameron” is my middle name.

Tony Williams is getting ready to release his debut album entitled The King or The Fool.


For KNOWxONE’s blog, he had some people reflect on the entire year of 2008 and luckily I was one of them. Peep the bags under my eyes = GRINDING.



…aka “My First Achievement”. I’m familiar with Billboard, but I still don’t know if this was hard to obtain. This was only a month after i started It’s An Infinite Cycle.


I’m pretty much finished for today.

Shoutouts to Phalary, D.I, and Kid Hum for the guest blogging, Tony Williams, Don, Whygee, F.A.M.E., Versis, MilkDrop, A-Side Worldwide, KNOWxONE, Miss Info, 1865, The LupEND Blog, The Shameless Plug (RIP), KayCee, D. Julien, D/WILL, Junclassic, R.E.U.B., Urban Quest, Don’t Be Chi, Hustlematic, Jabee, Cyrano, and everyone that has come here (even if it was just for that Wale mixtape).

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