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My Name Trouble I’m A Blessing To Rap

And you can check my stats cuz worldwide they attesting to that – Black Thought

In honor of Erik’s first year blog anniversary, (congrats kid!) I’m going to tell a story about one of my favorite hip hop adventures of all time. I’m mad tiny so let’s get that out of the way. Lol but never would I have dreamed that my size would take me so far. “Where are your parents at?” “How old are you?” Black Thought was speaking to someone in the audience from the stage. “He’s speaking to you.” This kid standing next to me pointed it out to me. “If you meet him, bring me along for the ride.” My reply: Right as if he even remembers me. My trip to New York in 2006 and I’m at The Roots and Kweli show. Black Thought! Out of everyone in the audience. He’s looking straight at me and asking me how old I am. It’s a trip! My ears were ringing from the noise so I sat in the corner with my friend, Megan. A few minutes later, guess who walks out of the venue? Black Thought! “Where are my parents at?” He turns around and the first words I hear, “Oh shit! It’s you!” Lol. “Questlove saw you and was wondering if you were even old enough to be in the venue.” Thought said. Lol.

I got to kick it with him a second time. Yayyy! Read the rest @ PhalarySoFresh.com

I was lucky enough to interview him and Quest via conference call. Read the rest @ VIBE.COM

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