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Miami Hip Hop Blog Unrightfully Shut Down


The 305 is a Miami-based website that offers “…hip-hop, fashion, sneakers and lifestyle from the eyes of a Miami perspective”. The website was unfairly (but temporarily) out of commission because they had simply posted Flo-Rida’s video to “Right Round”.

GrayZone, Inc claimed The 305 infringed on copyrights and encouraged “bootlegging”.

Atlantic Records was brought into the situation and defended the website saying that they had done nothing wrong.

“Bloggers are part of the ‘new media’, and whether the music industry and its lawyers like it or not, it is the new form of promoting music that’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. You can embrace this new form of media or…you can let your artists’ next release go double-wood in its first week.”

–  David “DRO” Rosario of The 305

I agree with Dro 100% and, as a blogger, I say we should get the proper respect that other media outlets get. You guys did say you wanted to make a change, so get proactive and let everyone know about this.

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