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Kid Hum: Fossil Fuel


Instrumental albums are always a good idea for the producer that just wants his or her work to be heard and all producers should do this at least once in their career. Kid Hum is releasing his first instrumental album ever and you can download it here for free. Fossil Fuel is slightly reminiscent of J Dilla’s work, so that’s always a plus. The title compares oil to music notes and the records being underground. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a rare piece that you should have gotten your hands on earlier.


1. Art Music (Intro)
2. Angst
3. Imagine!
4. Prayer
5. Church
6. Bells
7. Wired
8. Fuel 
9. Clonazepam
10. R.I.P. Wade Bridges
11. Passport
12. Bass So Lo
13. Rain
14. Speedball
15. Fossils
16. I Don’t Like You Either
17. Moove
18. Side B

Download: Fossil Fuel

On December 25th, Fossil Fuel will be available for purchase on Amazon, so, if you can, support the artist.


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