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17th Mixtape Feature: PropaYne


Tracklist and download link after the jump

1. Opening Super Duper Gates
2. Good Evening
3. The Song That Should’ve Been Heavily Remixed
4. IncredibleEdiblePro
5. Pro Pro Gadget Flow
6. Lights N’ Darks
7. Hi [Feat. Mainstream]
8. The Young Man
9. Bandana That Was Gucci
10. One Moment Please
11. Ignorance Nigga
12. The Random
13. The Mature Move
14. The Groupie [Skit]
15. Relax 2.0
16. Avengers Of Justice [Feat. Carmega]
17. Paper Games
18. The Super Duper Song (Swagger Like Us) [Feat. Mainstream, S-Preme & Carmega]
19. School Knight
20. Success Freestyle
21. 4 Rounds [Feat. Carmega]
22. iRocket [Produced by Y.Tee]
23. Rising Left [Feat. The Roots & Christette Michelle]
24. SuperDuperStardom
25. Corrupt Medicine
26. The Her’s & He’s
27. The Dwarf Star
28. The Song That Was Finally Heavily Remixed [Feat. Carmega]
29. Good Morning
30. 31 Days [Bonus]

Download: The Super Duper Mixtape

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