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16th Mixtape Feature: Cyrano+


Back 2 Lyfe: The Return of… Greatness is filled with original tracks and gives hip hop heads something to rock to until the official collaboration album Back II Lyfe is released (before the end of the year). All tracks on this mixtape are exclusive and are produced by Centric.

Cyrano – myspace.com/cyranoakacyyung

Tracklist and download link after the jump

1. Fuzion
2. Make It Take It
3. Cheetaz Skit
4. Mo’ Betta Blooz
5. Antebellum
6. Shoutoutz
7. Fallin’ Down
8. One Day
9. Kettle Korn
10. Green-Eyed Monsta
11. Da Block Party
12. Celebration
13. Proud of Me
14. Da Simple Lyfe

Download: Back 2 Lyfe: The Return of… Greatness

+: This is the first official single from Cyrano’s debut album, Back 2 LyfeCyrano – Special


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