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12th Mixtape Feature: Proton and Friends


Ever since last month, I’ve been waiting for this mixtape to come out. The 29-track mixtape includes exclusive Proton remixes of songs by a few of their favorite female artists, as well as rare B-sides, slow jams, and party anthems.

With this project, Proton seeks to blur the lines of distinction the industry has placed on male and female artists.  Choosing “red” and “purple” instead of the traditional pink and blue, Proton illustrates how the two genders aren’t really that different when it comes to their musical tastes and the music they create.

Official Tracklist and Download Link:


1.  Passkey – Proton ft. Mykal Monroe and Vanity 6
2.  Laptop – Proton
3.  Freaks – Lil’ Vicious ft. Doug E. Fresh
4.  Juicy Fruit – Mtume
5.  Magazine Dreams – Proton
6.  Ice Cream – Raekwon ft. Ghostface and Method Man
7.  Come Alive – Slick & Rose ft. Proton
8.  Inside My Love – Minnie Riperton
9.  The Bee RMX – Jessica Tonder ft. Proton
10.  1-900-HATE-PRO – Mykal Monroe
11.  Because, Because – The Bird & The Bee ft. Proton
12.  Blue Jay Way – The Beatles
13.  Hot Sex On A Platter – A Tribe Called Quest
14.  Playboy – Proton ft. Amanda Diva
15.  Good Look – Proton
16.  Roxanne – The Police
17.  M.I.A Sh** – M.I.A ft. Proton
18.  Ready To Go – Proton ft. Muffy
19.  Kiss You Back – Digital Underground
20.  Wait A Minute – Proton ft. Roxy Cottontail and Maggie Horn
21.  Poison – Bel Biv Devoe
22.  Feenin’ – Jodeci
23.  Candy – Cameo 
24.  Just Put It In My Mouth – Akinyele
25.  Annie Mae (Sweet RMX) – Muffy ft. Kamikazbi
26.  I Love My Baby So – Janelle Monae ft. Proton
27.  If I Love You Tonight – Gayle Chapman
28.  Funky Ride – Outkast
29.  Fade Away – Santogold ft. Proton

Download: Proton Presents: Red and Purple Vol. 1Alternate Link



















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