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10th Mixtape Feature: Reek Da Villian and U.R.B.Z.

A mixtape like this comes only once in a blue moon. Please educate yourself on Reek Da Villian, U.R.B.Z. and their affiliates with this background information:

Most people are already familiar with Roosevelt, New York & Cash Out Entertainment (C.O.E.) MC Reek Da Villian (a.k.a. Playboy Reek a.k.a. Prince of the Flipmode Squad) as one of the latest talented members of the Flipmode Squad Hip-Hop collective. His most recent appearance has been on the latest successful Busta Rhymes single “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em) RMX” with Spliff Starr, The Game, Lil Wayne, Nas and Big Daddy Kane.

Reek Da Villian has been also on the grind heavy with a series of mixtapes for the streets (the Pharmacy Parts 1, 2 and 3 series; For Da Goons And Gangstas; The Remixes Part 1 and 2), his appearances on B.E.T.’s 106 & Park and Rap City along with song features on other artist’s releases (including a few on the upcoming “Blessed” album from Busta Rhymes) and mixtapes.

Rhyming since 7 years old and recording music since he was 15, there is nothing but a bright future for Reek Da Villian as a talented Hip-Hop MC and businessman (who along with his partners Brian Gilmore and Ike Tyson founded C.O.E. in 2002).

Fellow H.A.T.E. Klub and C.O.E. collective member U.R.B.Z. (a.k.a. Mr. U Gotta Hate It) is also from Roosevelt, New York and has been representing Hip-Hop for all of his life as part of various groups (GNA, H.A.T.E. Klub, etc.) and as a solo music artist.

He has made various appearances on independent releases and mixtapes hosted by every one from DJ Kay Slay to DJ Mighty K. The “Mr. U Gotta Hate It” mixtape from U.R.B.Z. will be dropping in the very near future to be one of many barometers and showcases of the talent this young man has to bring to the table with Hip-Hop & quality music at large.

The “The Super Saiyans Of Rap” mixtape, which is hosted and mixed by DJ Fusion of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast and BlackRadioIsBack.com (affiliated with the Hustle Squad DJs, Future Star DJs, Lord Gang DJs, Thump Nation DJz, Wu-Tang Needlebreakerz, Slip N Slide DJs, Sniper Squad DJs & Fleet DJs), is just a sample of what both Reek Da Villian and U.R.B.Z. are capable of on the mic with songs dealing with the multifaceted issues of life on the streets (the real deal, no glorification) from dealing with the everyday struggle to the ladies to crazy scenarios that just seem to pop up in life.

H.A.T.E. (Hardworking And Talented Entrepreneurs) Klub, Cash Out Entertainment and Flipmode Squad have a lot more projects on lock in the future with Reek Da Villian and U.R.B.Z., so definitely be on the lookout.

Download here: Flipmode Squad, C.O.E. and H.A.T.E. Klub Presents: Reek Da Villian and U.R.B.Z. – The Super Saiyanz Of Rap

Thanks for sending this over, DJ Fusion.

Reek Da Villain – http://www.myspace.com/reekdavillian

U.R.B.Z. – http://www.myspace.com/urbzgna

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