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9th Mixtape Feature: M.I.A. and Diplo

July 29, 2008

this is the first time i’m posting an old mixtape (excluding the Little Brother mixtape, but that was a re-issue)

this is also for the people that downloaded the Santogold and Diplo mixtape

Tracklist and download link after the jump


  1. “Galangaton” [Diplo Mix]
  2. “Galang” [Featuring Lil’ Vicious]
  3. “Two Bit Rhythm” [M.I.A. Mix] (LL Cool J/Cavemen)
  4. “Fire Bam” [Diplo Mix]
  5. “Fire Fire”
  6. “One for the Head Skit” [M.I.A. Mix] (featuring Missy Elliott)
  7. “Amazon” [Diplo Mix]
  8. “Definition of a Roller” [M.I.A. Mix] (The Clipse)
  9. “M.I.A./Cutty Ranks”
  10. “M.I.A.” [Diplo Mix]
  11. “You’re Good” [Diplo Mix]
  12. “Pop” [Diplo Mix]
  13. “Sunshowers” [Diplo Mix]
  14. “Baile Funk 1”
  15. “Bucky Done Gun” [Diplo Mix]
  16. “Baile Funk 2”
  17. “China Girl” [Diplo Mix]
  18. “Baile Funk 3”
  19. “Lady Killa” [Diplo Mix]
  20. “URAQT” [Diplo Mix]
  21. “Bingo” [Diplo’s Mix]


“The first pressing of Piracy Funds Terrorism had an incorrect track listing which inevitably led to confusion. This was corrected upon the second issue of the album. However a sample used in “Two Bit Rhythm” [M.I.A.’s Mix] of the mixtape caused legal problems, so on the third pressing, Diplo replaced it with M.I.A.’s “Pull Up the People”. He also remixed the “M.I.A./Cutty Ranks” track for unknown reasons, replacing the original samples with a mash-up of the Cutty Ranks a cappella and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”.”

Wikipedia (how reliable, but this is true)


Download: Piracy Funds Terrorism

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