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Is CRS Setting Itself Up For Failure?

“The idea of an infinite urban group knotted together by (mildly and fiery) successful solo artists is no virgin to the music world. Following the allure are Benjamin-backpackers Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Lupe Fiasco, who in May 2007 introduced themselves as the lefty power bloc CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) and premiered the balmy, retrospective “US Placers”, from ‘Ye’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape. That, along with N.E.R.D.’s “Everyone Nose” remix, and the just released Rebel Music mixtape, hosted by Pharrell and featuring blended tracks by him, Kanye, and Lupe, has quickly webbed CRS a strong following of supporters patiently waiting for the group’s ’08 debut. However, as the guys attempt to seal the title as hip hop’s greatest super-group, they should be forewarned that birthing a potent assemblage of previously autonomous players ain’t always cake.”


They also describe how other artists would form a group and then break up; for example, 

NAME: Sideliners
MEMBERS: The Game, Olivia, Young Buck
MAKE UP: It’s not surprising that G Unit’s snubbed members would bounce off a rejection and land in a group. What brings this trinity together is their mutual detest for a certain Glaceau fiend. A grandiose radio tour is developed, with Hot 97 as the main spot for attack.
BREAK UP: All is well until previous contractual binds catch up and cash in. After realizing that dissing the enemy only makes the enemy richer, the team calls it quits.”

If anything, I think Kanye would leave the group first because his ego and temper are just enough for all 3 of them.

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