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The 106 & Park Fight Was Fake? Maybe, Maybe Not

July 21, 2008

according to Prolific Society, the whole fight was fake:

“A few days ago Rocsi & Terrance were seen arguing on 106 & Park when suddenly Rocsi stormed off the set. Since the altercation Rocsi has been M.I.A, rumors began to spread that Rocsi was done and BET was in the process of looking for a new host.¬† Well, a Prolific source of ours has confirmed that the whole incedent was a hoax. Apparently Ms. Rocsi is currently on vacation in Europe with her boyfriend and the on air argument was nothing more then a prank. So there you have it Rocsi is very much still apart of 106 & Park and she should be returning any day now.”

i don’t know how true this is but if it was, they fooled everybody (including me)

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