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Dipset Memo: “No Swagger Splashin'” For A While

May 26, 2008

“A Dipset associate named Carlos “Zoo” Thompson was featured on a recent episode of America’s Most Wanted for allegedly ordering a 13 year-old kid to shoot 15 year-old Phoenix Garret for selling bootleg Dipset mixtapes.

On June 16, 2005, Phoenix was selling CDs on 144th Street in Harlem, a rapidly gentrifying pocket of the city with lingering attitudes from the “bad old days” when Carlos Thompson and a group of his thug cohorts spotted him on the street. Noticing the name “Dipset Crew” on one of the CDs, Thompson apparently threatened Phoenix, then lunged at him. Police say that, feeling scared, the boy defended himself by pulling out a box cutter and slashing at the older man’s face.

It may have been a fatal mistake.

While Thompson’s accomplices allegedly beat and stomped Phoenix, the enforcer demanded that a member of his legion retrieve a .38 from a nearby car. Phoenix broke away from the pack, and raced around the corner. But the group caught up to him, continuing the beating.

At that point, cops say, the gun was handed to the youngest member of the mob, a 13-year-old named L’mani Delima.

According to NYPD Det. Joseph Condello, Carlos Thompson turned to the 13-year-old that was with them and said, “Shoot him.”

Delima allegedly obeyed, blasting Phoenix with five separate gunshots.”

-quote from Nah Right

there are TOO many things WRONG with this story

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