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Kanye Messed Up In Sacramento

April 23, 2008

 i was over my cousin’s house and his sister just came back from the Glow In The Dark Tour

i got curious and i wanted to know what people thought about sacramento’s show

“I can’t believe I bust a spinal tap! It’s no excuse for this I wish I could sink in a black whole. When I said Seattle and there was no crowd response I was up on my spaceship platform thinking damn… I think I just said the wrong city!!!!! I kind of muffled the words so I was praying nobody really caught it. I guess all those hours that me and Phill spent making my mic clear as possible back fired on me! We had alot of problems with the video servers on the first 3 songs and that completely threw me off! Hey, I’m not perfect. Hope everybody had a good time. I’m a man, I can say it… I’m sorry.” – quote and pic from KanYe’s Blog

at least he apologized that same night ( April 18, 2008 )

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